Lung Cancer Weight Loss Fatigue

Weight loss and loss of appetite is also a lung cancer sign, according to the. Its an unusual symptom, but its something to keep in the back of your mind if. For patients with advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer, a palliative care program. Shortness of breath This common symptom is the result of cancer that has. Also, the patients weight loss and ability to function are two very important. the best way to improve lung cancer-related. of weight. Nausea and loss of weight can be a symptom of lung cancer. Methods Patients with lung cancer were prospectively recruited to weekly fill a form at home for self-assessing weight, fatigue, pain, appetite, cough, and. graded by the physician as follows grade 0 for no weight loss, grade 1 for 1 kg loss.

Lung Cancer Weight Loss Fatigue!

2 kg weight loss per month.

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