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A woman infamously called the Half Ton Killer, who was later exonerated in a grisly death, has undergone a dramatic weight-loss makeover. Mayra Rosales shared the journey of how she miraculously lost 800 pounds of body fat. After turning the page in that horrible chapter in. She cleared her name and is now motivating others with her weight loss story, KTRK reported. I was alive but not living a life, Mayra Rosales.

Half ton woman once accused of killing nephew by rolling on him loses 800lbs. Rosales has lost an extreme amount of weight (Picture Mayra Rosales). Her extreme weight loss has been a combination of diet and surgery. Pair This Workout With Our Diet Cheat Sheet!Cheat Sheet Discover The Weight Loss Myths Of People Believe (and learn the steps required for real weight. Her story is now inspiring more people to lose weight. Read KTRK-TVs report on Mayra Rosales journey here. Half-ton killer who falsely.

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